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At Jamaica Outsourcing Based Solutions Limited (JOBS Ltd), a subsidiary of Young Entrepreneurs Inc, we are focused on providing the best services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

Job Matching Service

By simply going to our website application page you can get added to our data base. We share our database with employers that have jobs that you qualify for. If they are interested in interviewing you they will contact you directly. This means that you will always have that option of getting contacted by that dream job that you qualify for.

This formula works because our employment specialist take the time to ensure that the employers that gets this information are in the industry you have indicated that you have an interest. Therefore you are more likely to get a job you enjoy doing and as long as you are happy, we are happy.

If you are seeking a job or would just like to know what else you qualify for please fill out our application

Signing up an application is free all we ask is that once you have been placed you send an email to tell us if you like your new job.

Employee Matching/Recruiting

A employer can at anytime request that we send them a list of employees that fit the prerequisites of a vacant position in their organization. We will send only the employees that match this criteria therefore minimizing the time normally required to screen applicants and increasing the possibilities of finding a suitable candidate.

Employee Matching/Recruiting - This formula works because our employment specialist take the time to ensure that the employees we submit for these available positions meet the requirements of the employer. This means that the employer would have the desired skillset to fill the available role and would require less training time to get their new employee/s to a productive state.

If you would like to get weekly updates on our pool of employees please contact us at Please contact us to find our if you qualify for a free trial. We are more than happy to provide you with free consultation services regarding the use our services.


We realize that there is in fact a need for jobs and therefore expect that there will be a continued inflow of traffic to our website and Facebook page. This creates an opportunity for companies to advertise their goods and services to possible buyers and users of the goods and services they provide.

Lead Gene​ration

Our dynamic application process allows us to capture detailed demographic information that can be useful to potential marketers. Some of our applicants have indicated that they would like to go back to school as well as that they would like to get financial assistance with doing so. Other information collected include age, sex, location, possible subjects or courses they will enroll to complete in the near future etc. Please ask for a sample package to see if we can help you with finding your desired audience.

Our dynamic formula is suited or all employment and employee demographics. We do not limit our applicant based on their industries of interest and therefore have applicants from all walks of life, from domestic workers to learned professionals. We also offer access to an education advisor that can help you discover the next step in your career path. Be it vocational training, CXC subjects, O' Level or completing your degree program. Or education advisors can also help you with financial aid options that may help with your decision.

You can follow us on Facebook at or contact us


We aim to be the main source of fulfilling recruiting needs. We will do this by maintaining integrity and consistency in how we interact with our clients and employees alike. We will maintain our standards by being the employer of choice that offers the best outsourcing solutions.

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